Yoga Nowe

The practice of becoming ourselves through yoga and mindfulness.

Made just for teens and kids.

For Teens

Teens need a more advanced yoga and mindful practice to help guide themselves through the storm of life.I provide a membership that focuses on giving them the confidence to be themselves, allow them to relax so they can focus and sleep better, tools to connect to their emotions and guide them to express themselves clearly and effectively and many forms of yoga to adjust to their dynamic lives.

Virtual Yoga Classes for Kids

My yoga classes are based on remembering our wholeness, our connection to oneness and our birth right to feeling worthy and to be seen as individuals.
I teach with pure intent and hold space for the group with my sequencing, voice and energy, to allow each person to “show up” as they are, and to be present and most importantly to connect to their life force (breath) and to strengthen their connection to their heart’s presence.

For Families

Parents need yoga as much their kids. In this family yoga package you’ll get yoga for adults and kids.

Hi, I’m Juliane Nowe

Juliane Nowe is trained in many forms of yoga including Children’s and Youth Yoga. Juliane graduated from NSCECE in 2011 as an Early Childhood Educator and worked as a preschool and after school teacher for many years. She started teaching yoga to kids and teens at this time and continues to do so with her own programs, girl guide events, birthday parties, schools and daycares! 
When Juliane was in high school she developed a cyst on her vocal chords, acid reflux, cold sores and stomach inflammation. She lost her voice from the cyst. This allowed Juliane to find alternative healing such as food choices, energy healing, yoga, sound healing, self expression and more. She healed her voice completely and in doing so found her Inner Voice/ the Self. 
Juliane now guides adults, teens and kids to do the same-find their inner voice, how to express themselves fully, trust their inner power and live in full expansion and abundance. 

This is a safe space where everyone is seen as equals, we raise each other up and we see with the eyes of the heart and from the lens of love

  • Benefits
  • connecting to emotions so they can express them clearly and effectively
  • teaching that fun is also success
  • finding calm in the chaos
  • ways to focus to flow through each day in and outside of school
  • ease the “pressures of life”
  • bring balance amongst the storm
  • create a relationship with their inner self and the natural world
  • reminder of what is important
  • self expression and creativity
  • connecting breath to movement
  • teaching compassion and empathy

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