Family Healing Program

Our families have grappled with the loss of our routine, of social activities we enjoy, and with face to face connections with our loved ones. 

We have struggled with fear about our safety.  

Our children have acutely felt those losses and fears beside us, unable to process and understand what was happening on the same level as we could.  

Now that restrictions are beginning to lift and our families are moving forward within a “new normal” this new Family Healing program has been created to soothe and heal some of the trauma caused by recent uncertainty.  
It is blessed with intention to strengthen the connection that families share with each other and aims to help them instill renewed feelings of peace and safety.
This at-home program includes a healing Reiki video, stretching and yoga Nidra, Awareness Yoga Nidra, yoga for kids and yoga for all ages as well as a video about how to help your child with anxiety.
Enroll now and take part in each of these healing pieces as a family and learn a new way to care for yourselves and each other.




  • Improve quality of phsysical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social health
  • ability to connect to feelings and emotions so they can express themselves clearly
  • build confidence in themselves
  • finding their inner power
  • self expression
  • heart and mind expansion
  • learning to love themselves unconditionally
  • embracing their differences and others
  • improve self esteem 
  • focus
  • relaxation on the deepest level
  • tools to cope and succeed

Please consider donating what you would pay for this course.

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