Welcome to your own safe space here at YogaNowe! You can watch and listen to these videos at anytime and please do use them as needed and the sound healing or yoga nidra you may want to do daily or before bed! You are amazing just as you are! We have forgotten but here, you can remember. Make sure to sign up for the free newsletter, social media and free group so you can connect with others for support, reassurance, guidance, care, motivation and real feels!

What’s Included

1 Free Video

5 other videos


  • Improve quality of phsysical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social health
  • ability to connect to feelings and emotions so they can express themselves clearly
  • build confidence in themselves
  • finding their inner power
  • self expression
  • heart and mind expansion
  • learning to love themselves unconditionally
  • embracing their differences and others
  • improve self esteem 
  • focus
  • relaxation on the deepest level
  • tools to cope and succeed

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Course Instructor

Juliane Nowe Juliane Nowe Author

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